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Xperia Touch

Xperia Touch



Unlike traditional projectors, Xperia Touch does more than put on a show. It turns a flat wall, table, or even your floor into an interactive screen. With short-throw projection, Wi-Fi® connection, and state-of-the-art touch functionality, this portable projector adds a whole new dimension to your home.

I was responsible for the concept design of this device, as well as the the original proposer / creator of new user interface language called "Any Surface" - which enable computer devices to utilize any surface as its screen. And from hands-on design iterations to overseeing entire design process, creative and in-detail art directions, implementation guidance and promotion of this device.

This device showcases my ability and strength to create complete User Interface / User Experience from scratch to empower products & services, create a distinct advantage to utilize UX as a revenue making strong product proposition.