Based on existing technologies / foreseeable future technologies / strongly backed by baseline technology trend and knowledge of the market. My strength is to design product / UX concepts that have strong potential to realize, provide strong, unique sales point that directly connects to revenue earning opportunities.


Budgeting, Performance Management, Vendor management, mentorship, talent acquisition using my network, Creating environment that can foster multidisciplinary talents.


Whether it's hardware or software, service design - I have experience in shipping various consumer-facing / B2B product based on my design architecture, vision, and ideas. From designing an operating system, creating revenue sensitive service platform, and travel to Shenzhen to hire a vendor to create hardware prototypes - Product design is my primal focus.


Agent design based on a combination of the medium such as Voice User Interface, Visual User Interface, and communication logic design is my new challenge. Gaining credibility from users by staging events to build solid relationships between human and virtual entity is a new adventure I've been enjoying designing so much.


Spending almost a decade participating in the very core of mobile user interface / user experience design and successfully shipped three versions of Google Android operating system which is currently used by 1 billion people on this planet, as well as have been the front runner of utilizing the platform to ship 285 million Android devices to the market - I'm one of the rarest designers who has the vast mobile UX knowledge second to none in the industry. From system design to UX pattern, Interaction design to best practice - application design - I'm the strongest asset to any organization that focuses on Mobile.


Designing organization-specific UX paradigm and using a method (I invented) called "Graceful Degradation" to deliver the essence of core UX and its design language to every piece of corporate product portfolio and make the experience unified from lux premium experience to limitation heavy entry products that consist with primordial HW (motor based vibration, LED, a mono speaker). 


From concept creation of a wearable platform (AndroidWear) a shipped product which I designed and lead the project - I have created fitness wearable UX, AndroidWear based and Proprietary watch UX since 2009.  Although the market feels saturated - combining it with innovative service platform, There will be plenty of opportunities for me to design UX in this category.


The name of "IoT." leaps ahead of what we can actually do with it - and often purpose and core study of user needs are neglected. My approach of IoT product development bases on infrastructure and baseline UX creation by vigorous user studies at international locations. The one-on product will not be successful - and we are at the stage of creating what we want for next 20 years.  I'm hoping to collaborate with designers to construct a common language to form UX infrastructure - so we can build a system user can pick and choose based on individual and geographic, condition based needs.


Creating product concept and its UX are just a starting point of product design journey. In order for designers to deliver the product intent to stakeholders and decision makers - I believe strong story should always come with the concept. Communication design is a method I use to deliver a strong product story by using static and motion, videography.